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"Thank you for taking the time to listen to my family's needs and coming back with a direct solution to a problem. It makes such a big difference to us."
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Whether you’re a local business or an individual, your donations are vital to allow Ancora to continue helping people. Many people have attested to the huge impact Ancora have had on their lives, putting a roof over their head, helping them access food and money to live, and equipping them with skills they need to keep out of crisis in their future. With the current cost of living crisis, it is more important than ever that Ancora are able to continue the services which they offer and you can help them do this.

Your donations are essential for Ancora to continue making a difference in Oldham. Just listen to what those we've helped have to say:

“Without Ancora I’d be homeless. I was served an eviction notice from my landlord, but my housing officer was doing little to resolve the situation. I tried to resolve things myself but nobody was listening. Because of the name ‘Ancora’ people actually took notice, and with their support and expertise I was able to get into safe housing. I would recommend coming to Ancora for anyone in crisis.”

Attending life skills was a huge help for my mental health. I found life skills really helpful and useful, it taught me things I didn’t already know. For example, last weeks session on energy helped me learn energy saving tips free of charge, as well as learning about budgeting and money. I found these money tips particularly helpful with my day to day life. The staff are brilliant, everyone was really walm and welcoming. The sessions also help getting me out the house and doing stuff, which helps my mental health a lot, especially because it can be isolating living.”

Donating to Ancora means we are able to continue to support and advocate for people in crisis, especially those let down or left behind by other agencies. Help us work towards a fairer future for people in Oldham:

John* first presented at Ancora`s Library Hub. He had recently been released from custody and was living at an Approved Premises where he received only one meal a day. Despite being of pensionable age and applying for the State Pension shortly after his release, he was told it would be a four to five week wait for any income. John had left custody with £82 and was destitute.

Ancora were able to apply for vouchers for food, referred John to a charity for clothes and delivered these to him, and assisted him in applying for Pension Credit. Ancora advocated for John consistently, requesting that his case be escalated due to the urgency of his situation.

Due to Ancora’s support, John’s claim was backdated and paid sooner.

John was extremely thankful for the help he received from Ancora, saying “if Ancora ruled the world it would be a kinder place”.

Emma*, a 19-year-old, was referred to Ancora by her Department for Work and Pensions work coach. She had previous mental health issues and was forced to leave her family home due to her sexuality, leaving her rough sleeping for a month.

Ancora were able to gather evidence of Emma’s previous mental health issues, meaning she became a housing priority for Oldham council, leading to Emma being placed in accommodation very quickly.

Ancora also provided Emma with a supermarket voucher so that she could purchase essential items.

Emma was extremely grateful to Ancora and stated that she would probably have remained on the streets were it not for the help that Ancora provided. She is now able to focus on her further education and future aspirations.

Louise* presented to Ancora due to her increasing financial struggles, having moved in to her first tenancy in January 2022 with virtually no support and advice on managing a tenancy and budgeting. With the rising cost of living and the leaps in fuel prices, Louise was struggling significantly with debt, and was left feeling depressed and helpless. Ancora supported Louise to open a bank account, allowing her to pay her bills more easily. Ancora then supported Louise to contact United Utilities about her rising debt, explaining that Louise could not afford to pay off her debt at the rate it was being taken. United Utilities agreed to cap her water bills, meaning she will now only pay £96 per year instead of £425. Ancora also supported Louise to apply to Personal Independence Payment.

Louise is “over the moon” with the support she has had from Ancora and feels better able to manage her financial situation now.

*names have been changed to protect individuals’ privacy 

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